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QR Codes
QR Codes scanned on mobile phones allow users to view video, photos, text, memorial programs and more. QR can be engraved on gravestones and plaques. Download Free QR Reader to Scan Code.
Funeral | Tribute Video Development
Funeral & memorial videos for wonderful, visual tributes of loved your loved ones. Photos, both digital and scanned, can be included.
Web & Mobile Pages of Your Memories
Hosted web and mobile page to display your multi media content. Looks great on mobile, tablet and pc.

Multi Media Memorials will create a digital tribute of your loved ones. Using the latest technology we give you the opportunity to share videos, memorial programs, pictures, biographies and so much more about your loved one’s life, all in one place, for ease of access:

Remember those you love, whether they passed some time ago or only yesterday. Memories of life lived, loved and enjoyed can all be shared in your own web and mobile site page, using a QR code (Quick Response code) and a link to the page, with stunning video and pictorial memorials.

QR Codes can be engraved on gravestones and plaques so that visitors can scan the code and read and view images, video, text, memorial services and other content provided by you. Our QR Codes can even be edited.

…bringing memories to life:

Multi Media Memorials memories are vivid, can be updated, accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world and create a stunning visual memorial of your loved ones. Family pages or sections can be purchased so that your whole family or you and your partner can join memories in one place. Your digital tribute can be private (through a link or QR code) or publicly available for all to see and share.

Multi Media Memorials take care of all your remembrance needs.

With empathy and kindness in times of sorrow, we understand the desire to create a tribute that can be shared by all and that demonstrates your love for those who have passed. Remember them with video, photo and biographical profiles. Add your personal touch with poems, letters, drawings and songs.

With Multi Media Memorials, we host and create a full web and mobile page to display your memorial. We offer a range of packages to suit every budget and are here to help you organise and select the content for your page.